Video Tutorial "Kitten's Head" (English Version)


- Video lessons (Tutorial) without a set of materials

✔ The master class includes a pattern of a kitten's head


This video course is an introductory version of the main master class "Wild Kitten" by Katia Leyt. A block of sewing a kitten's head, making a cat's muzzle and painting is available in this video course. Sewing any toy begins with the head - try yourself in this creativity.

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The master class on sewing and decorating a kitten's head contains 8 detailed video tutorials. You will form a kitten's head, design a muzzle (set eyes, nose), make a haircut, set ears and mustache. In the final, you will paint the fur and finally create a realistic head of your kitten. And remember - the creation of any toy begins with the head!





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