Set of Materials (for Wild Kitten Master Class)

Set of Materials (for Wild Kitten Master Class). Box with tools and necessary materials, in order to sew one kitten according to the "Wild Kitten" master class.


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Цена: 7200 руб
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MK "Wild Kitten"

(included in the set)


✔ Faux fur cut 50X50 cm - cut with a margin (white color)
✔ Skeleton 9.5mm, 1 meter
✔ Eyes (blue colo)
✔ Baked plastic (color pale pink or black) - half a pack
✔ High-strength thread 86L (bobbin 250 m) in the color of fur
✔ Waxed shoe thread (any color) for tightening, 2 meters per cut.
✔ 1.5 mm wire in cross-section (or thinner) for reinforcing lugs
✔ Sewing snacks (for snacking threads, parting and cutting fur)
✔ Fine glass granulate (approximately 200 grams for weighting)
✔ Rolled sintepon (1 meter)
✔ Mustache fishing line (bobbin)
✔ Black acrylic paint
✔ Brush
✔ Stuffing sticks

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